The Enchanted Pumpkin Cottage | Calm Sleep Story & Bedtime Meditation by Michelle’s Sanctuary

It’s been a rough pandemic for some of us. So why not relish a bit of fantasy with a night of healing in this sleep story for grown ups? We are never too old to enjoy a bedtime story and the marvels of pumpkin season.

Travel back in time on a train through Bavaria in this relaxing fall bedtime story for grown-ups. You arrive at a village for the annual fall festival and win a night at an enchanted pumpkin farm. When you arrive at the pumpkin patch, magical things begin to happen and a healing cottage appears. This cottage addresses every one of your needs and desires as you sleep through the night. It’s time to dream away.

A Night in Sugar Hollow | Sleep Story and Bedtime Meditation by Michelle’s Sanctuary

I think we have all mulled over the question, “If you could invite anyone to dinner, living or dead, who would it be?” Tonight you get to live out your answer. I created this week’s story based on a gathering in a mystical New England village. Souls come together once a year on a scarlet covered bridge from sundown to midnight for a festive dinner beneath the peak autumn leaves. No words are left unspoken and you may connect with the greatest memories and sources of inspiration with whomever you choose to invite. At midnight, you walk along a babbling brook and are led by candlelight. You retreat to a rustic stone cottage and blow at the candle, leaving it on the windowsill to invite your loved ones to visit you in your dreams. It’s time to #dreamaway.

Autumn on Surrender Lake | Guided Sleep Meditation Story by Michelle’s Sanctuary

Autumn vibes. A hot air balloon ride. A golden lake. A cozy cabin. This week’s guided sleep meditation and bedtime story for grown ups is all about surrendering to transition. I sometimes grapple with the delicate balancing of holding onto something and letting go. I created this story and meditation to bring stillness, serenity, and to help you connect with your deepest self. We have all had to transition so much this year and deserve to find peace where we can. Take some time for self-care and remember that every night you may set off into your sleeping life as if you are going on a mental vacation. It’s time to dream away.

The Candle Shoppe | Calm Bedtime Story by Michelle’s Sanctuary

Autumn is a wonderful season for cozy moments, surrender, and reflection. Today’s bedtime story for grown ups is set in the New England village of Sugar Hollow, you walk beneath peak fall foliage. You visit a beloved candle shop, where Molly, a 6th-generation candlemaker crafts candles that invoke your best memories and favourite aromas. You return to a cozy cottage with your personalized candle and enjoy a bath as you drift from one beautiful feeling to the next before bed. It’s time to dream away.

A sleep story is a perfect way to set yourself up for a night of deep sleep. It can help set up a routine, where every night you prepare for a mental vacation. If you know anyone who is struggling with sleep issues, please share this with them. There are over 200 stories and meditations available at

Return to the Witches’ Cottage | Sleep Story & Bedtime Meditation by Michelle’s Sanctuary

This year in particular I imagine how nice it would be to escape modern times and find serenity in a forest. In tonight’s story, we revisit the witches’ cottage in an enchanted forest. You spend the transitional period between summer and fall in their healing hands as you reconnect with the magic in you. Enjoy simplicity and harmony with nature in this sleep story and bedtime meditation. It’s time to dream away.

3-Hours of Relaxing Fall Bedtime Stories | Michelle’s Sanctuary

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Fall is a cozy time and our bodies actually begin to need an hour more sleep than they do in summer. Today I am releasing a collection of five stories that seamlessly come together in three hours of listening. If you have a fall story suggestion or meditation, let me know in the comments.

Enjoy the crisp air, the changing leaves, and easy chapters to help you skip ahead to your favourite.  This release includes, “The Changing Leaves,” “Library by the Sea,” “The Long Car Ride,” “Autumn in New England,” and “Wild Horses.” It’s time to dream away.

Rainy Day at the Cat Cafe | Bedtime Story by Michelle’s Sanctuary

Long ago I rescued a tiny orange kitten and she rescued me in return. In tribute to her, and to all the rescued animals that bring unconditional love, I’ve written this sleep story set in a cat cafe. If you have trouble falling asleep and struggle with insomnia, this cozy bedtime story for grown-ups with transport you to a seaside town. As owner of a cat cafe, you welcome visitors from around the world who gather in this cozy setting to bond with kitties. On a rainy day, you find respite in this special place. At day’s end, you retreat to your upstairs apartment with your beloved cat and fall asleep to the sounds of falling rain and a content, purring cat. It’s time to dream away.

Up on the Roof | Bedtime Story & Sleep Meditation by Michelle’s Sanctuary

On the cusp of fall, tonight’s sleep story for grown-ups revisits “The Laundry Club.” Set in an earlier time in history in a city of dreamers and artists, you and your beloved pet go on the roof to meet with an eclectic array of characters. The sun goes down on the city as your fresh laundry billows on the clothesline and you enjoy the last golden moments of summer. The stars come out and you reflect on the summer. You gather your fresh, clean laundry and return to your cozy apartment. You make the bed with sun-dried sheets and cuddle up with your pet as you drift asleep. It’s time to dream away.

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Rainy Night Collection | Sleep Meditation & Bedtime Story by Michelle’s Sanctuary

Rain and thunderstorm sounds tend to be the most requested for help with sleep. I’ve created a collection of some favourite sleep stories with over three hours of recording. Enjoy five different adventures on a rainy night in this collection. If you are someone who takes longer to fall asleep, this may be a great option for you. So get cozy, cuddle up, and drift to a night of healing sleep. It’s time to dream away.

3 Hours of Sleep Stories, Rain and Thunder Sounds for Sleep

Sea Glass Beach | Sleep Story & Bedtime Meditation by Michelle’s Sanctuary

Imagine a time where the world felt more kind. Escape to a beach town where a new friend takes you on a boat ride with his pups, Luna and Bella. You then paddleboard to a magical island known for its sea glass beach. You rest on the natural glass mosaic as the waves lap against the shore and sun begins to set. Relaxed, you return to the boat and fall asleep beneath the stars. It’s time to dream away.