The Summer Storm | Sleep Meditation Story to Fall Asleep Fast

If you love to get cozy and fall asleep to the sounds of rain and rolling thunder, this week’s bedtime story is for you. Travel to the low country during the peak of summer as you enjoy a morning walk on the beach with your beloved pup. In the afternoon you walk through the town to your property that overlooks the marshes and beach. In a garden surrounded by oak trees cloaked in Spanish moss, you gather items from the garden to make a soothing tonic. You rock away the afternoon hours from an open-air garden cottage before enjoying an outdoor shower. A summer storm rolls in across the reflective marshes and you seek refuge in the main house. You cuddle with your pet and fall asleep as the storm takes hold. It’s time to dream away.

Sleep Meditation Story by Michelle’s Sanctuary

Calming Bedtime Story & Sleep Meditation | Four Seasons, 1000 Islands

Fall asleep fast with this sleep meditation story for grown ups, “Four Seasons, 1000 Islands.” One thought can be the ticket to a mental vacation. In tonight’s journey, experience the chain of islands on the St. Lawrence River that scatter across the border of Canada and the US. The archipelago is the home of historic vacation homes and castles. Stay at a regal bed and breakfast in spring, on a private island in a rustic summer cottage, at a guesthouse in an apple orchard in autumn, and at the Harbor Inn during the holiday season. If you are a lover of unique getaways, the magic of Mother Nature, and cozy dwellings, this story is for you. It’s time to dream away.

Calm Sleep Story for Grown Ups by Michelle’s Sanctuary

The Marble Inn | A Cool Night in Sugar Hollow | Sleep Meditation Story

Fall asleep with this week’s story that brings us back to Sugar Hollow, a mystical village in New England. Spend the day exploring a swimming hole in a marble quarry that is a haven for locals. Reflections on the Bahamian blue water have been known to reveal future visions of one’s potential. You walk through the woods at sunset and enjoy the salve of cool night air. You return to the historic Marble Inn and spend the evening fireside reading the great works of Robert Frost in the library. As tiredness takes over, you retreat to your cozy sweet and fall asleep. It’s time to dream away.

Calm Bedtime Story by Michelle’s Sanctuary

Enchanted Cottage Collection | 4 Hours of Sleep Stories & Meditations

Find healing and magic in this four hour collection of original bedtime stories for grown ups. Beginning with a meditation, set the tone for crossing the bridge to your sleeping and dreaming life with this release. Three mystical sisters in the woodlands start off the Witches’ Cottage Series set in four different seasons. You may end your mental escape with the woodland fairies and a fairy garden. Enchanted adventures await for souls daring to imagine. It’s time to dream away.

Bedtime Fairytales for Sleep

The Lighthouse Inn | Relaxing Bedtime Story and Meditation

This calm sleep story will help you take a mental vacation and release anxiety and worry to fall asleep. Visit a lighthouse inn and stay in a historic stone cottage overlooking a harbor. You rest in a hammock and watch the sunset. At twilight you climb the lighthouse tower to take in the super moon. The night turns cool and you return your suite for a night of deep healing sleep. It’s time to dream away.

Calm Sleep Story by Michelle’s Sanctuary

Original script, voiceover, music, and video by Michelle Hotaling, Dreamaway Visions LLC 2022 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Rainy Night at Camp | Relaxing Sleep Story & Bedtime Meditation

Fall asleep with this bedtime story for grown-ups set at a campground where a tidal estuary joins the Atlantic Ocean. Nestled among cedar trees, you enjoy this rustic getaway with your dog in the summer. On your daily walk, you encounter a younger version of yourself waiting to explore the tidal pools. This experience awakens your inner child and imagination. You return to your site at sunset as a rainstorm moves in. You retreat to the comforts of a vintage pop-up camper and fall asleep to the sounds of rain on the canopy. So find a safe place to fall asleep. It’s time to dream away.

Calm Bedtime Stories by Michelle’s Sanctuary

Summer at the Lake Chalet | Calm Sleep Story for Adults

Fall asleep with a return to the “Chalet by a Lake” series set in Vermont. In this sleep story and meditation for grown-ups, return to a bucolic village at the height of summer. Martha and Ike, the elderly owners of the iconic General Store and pillars of the community, welcome you like family as you visit with a companion of your choice. You return to the lake with your companion and enjoy a sunset paddleboat ride. At nightfall, you gather around a lakeside fire joined by your pet. Lulled into sleepiness by the cool night air and songs of crickets, you return to the chalet and cuddle up with your pet as stars shine above the skylights. It’s time to dream away.

Cottage Sleep Story by Michelle’s Sanctuary

The Fairy Garden | Sleep Story & Meditation

Fall asleep with this 1-hour sleep meditation and bedtime story for grown-ups, “The Fairy Garden.” An original story narrated by a relaxing female voice to help you fall asleep fast. Journey to the mystical seaside village of Marin Crest on a sunset walk past historic cottages. In this modern-day fairy tale, you gather around a fire pit in the heart of your garden with your pet. Sparks fly, mason jar lights twinkle, and lightning bugs welcome the fairies as they shine their light and visit once a year. The “Fairy of Time” arrives and offers sage advice as memories play out on marmalade flames in the fire. You retire in your cottage as the sleep fairy dusts the village and fall asleep. It’s time to dream away.

Bedtime Story for Grown Ups by Michelle’s Sanctuary

Rocky Mountain Cabin | Sleep Meditation Story for Adults

Treat bedtime as your sacred moment for a mental vacation. In this week’s sleep story, travel to the Rocky Mountains and enjoy an afternoon hike to a cold spring with your beloved dog. You encounter a bohemian soul in the forest who invites you to her cottage to enjoy tea in a garden at sunset. She offers sage advice that inspires you as you return to your rustic cabin and stargaze from a porch swing. A night of deep, healing sleep ensues as you retreat to the cabin. It’s time to dream away.

I strive to maintain these sleep stories and guided meditations for free so if you know anyone who could benefit, or places to share it, please do!

The Manhattan Solstice | A Sleep Story for Grown-Ups | The Laundry Club Series

Fall asleep fast with this calm sleep story, “The Manhattan Solstice,” part of “The Laundry Club Series,” narrated by a relaxing female voice. In this bedtime story for grown-ups, travel to Manhattan in 1971 to experience a magical sunset that aligns perfectly with the city grid. With the eclectic members of a laundry club that convenes weekly in the launderette of a historic brownstone, you enjoy a night of music and poetry at a speakeasy. A storm offers reprieve from a hot, humid day as you walk through Central Park and revel in the cool rain with your neighbors. You return to the cozy launderette, where hot tea and warm towels offer a soothing end to a perfect night as rain pelts against the windows. So find a safe, quiet place to enjoy this sleep story. It’s time to dream away.

Photography, Original script, Voiceover, and Music by Michelle Hotaling, Dreamaway Visions LLC. All Rights Reserved 2022.

Bedtime Story for Grown Ups, Michelle’s Sanctuary